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Areas of Activity

The areas of activity cover preventive consulting as well as litigation practice, providing complete orientation to maximize the best results for each situation.

Conflicts Settlement

Solução de ConflitosBelieving that excellent decisions can be achieved through self-determination between the parties, without, necessarily, the involvement of the expensive and time-consuming Judiciary, we offer our clients negotiating support to also reach faster and more convenient agreements with the participation of experienced professionals in Conflicts Settlement using Conciliation and Mediation, both in private relationships as well as in ongoing lawsuits.


ContenciosoOur team represents Brazilian and foreign clients, natural persons or legal entities, acting in administrative and judiciary litigations, in all bodies, instances and courts of the country, providing a comprehensive legal support to evaluate the best procedural strategy to be followed aimed at protecting our clients’ interest of the most diverse areas of activity.
Our practice involves lawsuits in consumer, real estate, family and successions, tax, corporate, labor and contractual


TrabalhistaOur professionals operate in the litigation and consulting areas, assimilating the client’s needs and presenting opinions to eliminate or mitigate risks concerning employment relationships. Through internal audits, we present improvements to work routines, including the implementation or revision of the following processes: job positions and wages, benefits, controls, verification of rights and duties in working practices, taking into account each client’s fields of actions.
Those preventive actions not only avoid or minimize possible contingencies , but also improve employer-employee and employer-collaborator relationships , making the labor practices and policies transparent, fair, efficient and in total compliance with applicable legislation, doctrine and jurisprudence.


TributárioWe carry out specific studies to assist our clients’ tax needs, drawing-up Opinions, Consulting with tax authorities, obtention of special regimes and analysis of possible incentives, filing lawsuits and defense of actions in the administrative and judicial areas, in all jurisdiction levels, aiming to safeguard the rights and avoid constrictive acts perpetrated by the Public Administration.
We survey possible tax models signaling the best solution in corporate restructuring. We assist and provide opinions on the possibilities of tax charge reduction, good use of credits, guidelines for payments and compensations of tax credits.

Foreign Trade

Pro BonoWe provide consultancy on import and export activities, covering the aspects such as : contractual, fiscal, regulatory and logistics in Foreign Trade operations, always within our client’s business plan but valid under Brazilian laws and customs experience, to bring the best solution in terms of logistics, cost reduction and correct fiscal frameworking of the operation. For this purpose, and to better serve the sector´s demand, we count with a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals in the field.

LD Pro Bono

pro-bonoOur philosophy is to enable access to justice and information to charitable institutions or people in need, through free legal advice, focusing in negotiations, conciliations and mediations.
LD Advogados understand it as being an ethical, civic and social duty to help those without financial conditions to bear the costs of a legal support to solve eventual conflicts.


SocietárioGeneral consultancy to local and foreign companies in all their contractual operations, including the structuring and negotiation involving the acquisition and divestiture of companies , their business divisions, transference of share control, mergers, demergers, amalgamations, associations and reorganizations.
We have a vast experience in business start-ups, contractual alterations and minutes in general, dissolutions and other supporting documents.

Intellectual Property

Propriedade IntelectualThe objective of our advisory services in intellectual property focuses not only on the registration at the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (INPI) but mainly, on guaranteeing the effective protection of our customers’ intellectual property, through the analysis and implementation of the best structure for that purpose.
To that end, we count with an experienced team in the drafting, revision and negotiation of technology transfer contracts (“know-how”), provision of technical services, assignment of intellectual property, distribution contracts, brands and franchises licensing.
We perform auditing (“Due diligence”) of intellectual property assets, to evaluate the necessity of eventual adjustments and/or corrections to the practices adopted by the companies.

Real Estate

Negócios ImobiliáriosWe draft, analyze and negotiate real estate contracts, such as purchase and sale promise agreements, leasing and financing, as well as the letters of guarantee associated to these operations, for both individuals and entities.
We also analyze, from a Brazilian legal perspective, structures to implement real estate projects.
We regularize real estate businesses before the competent bodies and provide preventive and contentious consultancy in this regard, including filing of lawsuit and defense of the appropriate actions.
We provide legal due diligence in real estate matters, covering the purchase of real estate assets and revision and renegotiation of contracts.

Foreign Capital and Exchange

Capital Estrangeiro e CâmbioOur office has a comprehensive expertise in assessing, local and foreign clients, in banking and exchange issues for conducting the most diverse operations, including, but not limited to, foreign investments, loans, imports and exports, conversion of credits remissible abroad and their registration with Banco Central do Brasil (Brazilian Central Bank). We provide consultancy involving all legal procedures for foreign loans, financing for infrastructure projects (Project Finance), syndicated loans and debt restructuring, including the drafting and/or analysis of the contracts and their respective guarantees, aside from assisting our clients in negotiating these operations with the parties involved.

Compliance and Corporate Management

Compliance e Governança CorporativaBased on mapping our clients’ adopted practices, we discuss, draft or review the internal policies aimed at ensuring complete conformity with applicable laws , rules and regulations, including the development of compliance and training programs.
We provide advice in the analysis, drafting and development of the most adequate corporate management model, including the revision and/or elaboration of relevant corporate documents (ex.: Partners/Shareholders agreements, Internal Policies, etc.) in strict adherence to the companies’ values and internal policies.

Data Protection and Cyber Security

We offer our clients a complete solution for Data Protection and Cyber Security, including legal advice in mapping the procedures used in connection to the use and treatment of personal data, in order to adequate them to the measures established by LGPD (Brazilian Data Protection Law)
We advise our clients in the drafting and/or revision of contracts, clauses and rules relating to data transference, as well as in filing defenses before the regulating authorities responsible for LGPD.
We count with a Partner specialized in Cyber Security to well assist our clients in the delaboration of measures to prevent data leakage, guaranteeing the necessary cyber security.
We conduct trainings and audits after the Consultancy implementation to check the status of compliance to LGPD terms.


Contratos LDAWe assist our local and foreign clients to structure their operations by drafting, analyzing and negotiating diverse contracts, such as the rendering of services, distribution, cost sharing, commercial representation, supply, procurement, joint venture, in addition to all the guarantee instruments commonly used.
Our legal support also comprises foreign contracts analysis in light of the Brazilian legislation, in order to adapt those instruments to the Brazilian market and minimize eventual damages due to the non-compliance of local law or conflicts among the parties.
With the purpose of giving contractual security to our clients, we audit existing contracts to verify whether they are aligned with applicable laws, or if they require adequacy of clauses and/or conditions to duly preserve their objectives, avoiding risks and possible contingencies.